37 LED Beam Moving Head Light
Model No : LH-C017
LH-C017 is a speed and brightness are elevated to a new height of the moving head wash light. The compact, high-brightness RGB light rendering, smooth speed, accurate positioning, making it the ideal size performances lamps to choose from. Technical parameters: Power supply :100-240V 50/60Hz Power: 140w Lamp: 13 red, 12 green, 12 blue, drive current :700-1000mA, 1670 million colors (0-100% saturation)  display panel operation: Auto, Sound, DMX custom programming channel protocols: DMX512 Channel: Standard 12ch / foundation 9ch scan angle : Horizontal 540 ° / Vertical 270 ° scanning precision: 8/16bit horizontal / vertical movement can be set off light; horizontal / vertical scanning angle range can be set; horizontal / vertical reverse Size: 295 * 190 * 344mm Weight: 6.5 kg Housing: Flame retardant plastic casing color: black lamps connection: DMX signal cable 3 core in / out, power cord into the cooling system: air-cooled Working environment: Indoor Working temperature: -20 - 45  Output: 1601lm peak light Strong: 98000cd (6 ° standard lens detection) Dimmer :0-100% Strobe :0-20Hz Beam angle: 6 °
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